Creating a cozy and stylish dorm space

I have dedicated many posts on this blog to living a stylish and affordable college lifestyle. Ultimately, however, the key to living stylishly and affordably stems from creating a space that is cozy and personal to you.

While I don’t live in a dorm room, I know many people who do. The biggest challenge for them is creating a cozy atmosphere that they feel comfortable in.

It’s very important to work with what you have, but I would like to pose some important questions to draw your eyes away from that terrible fluorescent lighting and into a designer dream world, full of cozy and affordable ideas.

First stop, lighting.

Ditch the fluorescent lighting. In fact, pretend it never existed. Instead, you should invest in some lamps for your room. The great thing about lighting is that it comes in so many forms. 

Do you want something traditional? Stick to a floor or desk lamp. 

How about something a little more decorative, but a lot less functional? Stock up on white Christmas lights as soon as they go on sale. String them all over for an ethereal glow, but be sure your college or university allows these in their dormitories first.

Are you tight on space? Let’s face, if you’re in a dorm room you’re definitely tight on space. Buy some pendant lights. You can buy ones that plug directly into the wall and hang it from your ceiling. This will help maximize the space in your dorm. 

Another easy way to create an inviting dorm room is to decorate with your personality. Don’t be afraid to hang up tapestries, artwork and photographs. Also, placing little mementos around you room makes the space instantly yours. Who knows? You may even prefer studying in your dorm over the crowded library anyways.

My final piece of advice to you dear dorm dweller is this: Plants are your friends. Liven up your dorm a bit with some greenery. I know it makes me happy to see a fresh vase of flowers or a windowsill dotted with tiny potted plants. If you have a black thumb like me, don’t fret, because you too can incorporate plants without killing them.

If you invest in some cacti or succulents, you won’t have to constantly worry about watering them. If you invest in some lovely, fake plants you’ll never have to worry about watering them. Food for thought.