Keep an organized desk with these five common-sense rules

1. Put it away. Put your stuff away when you’re done with it. Every time. No excuses.

2. Reduce. Take a few minutes each week to edit your workspace. Reduce the clutter and maximize the space by taking away unnecessary items.

3. Store it. Invest in some quality desktop organizers. The Container Store and Target have a great variety to choose from.

Bonus Tip: Buy neutrals to keep your eyestrain to a minimum and so they can easily transition when you change out décor in the future.

4. Go digital. Save some trees and clear some space on your desk by putting your old printer in storage indefinitely. In our tech-savvy society, printing pictures, documents, etc. is a task that’s almost obsolete thanks to Facebook and email. My advice? Ditch the printer and save the money on ink and paper by only printing things sparingly. If you have something to print, you can send it to Office Depot online and pick it up in your local store for less than a dollar.

5. Keep it personal. There’s a very fine line between sterile and organized. Your desk space should help your creativity flow, not hinder it. Incorporate some photographs or small mementos to keep your space from becoming too bland.

Bonus Tip: Hang pictures on the wall above your desk in the interest of saving space and adding some personality. You can make it more visually interesting by arranging them in a block or clipping them onto string, making a laundry line of photos, so to speak.

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